Commercial Services

Valencia Emergency Flood Team

For over 12 years, the certified professionals at Valencia Emergency Flood Team have helped businesses succeed by presenting a clean, restored face to customers and getting damages under control quickly. Valencia small business owners, corporate offices, hospitals, schools, and property management companies trust us as their preferred damage control allies. Let us show you how the Emergency Flood Team can turn your loss around!

Our Commercial Services

Emergency Response 24 Hours a Day
Onsite within 1 Hour
Photos and Estimate with 2 hours
Thermal Imaging and Hygrometer Reporting with 4 Hours
Xactimate Pricing For Insurance Claim
Water Extraction/Drying
Disposal of Hazardous Wastes
Mold Remediation
Crime-Scene Cleanup
Carpet Deep Cleaning
Fire Damage Control
HVAC Duct Cleanup

Your Partners in Success

We’ve seen too many companies lose out to water-related damages or environmental health concerns that close doors. As a locally-owned Valencia business and your partner, we want to help your business move past setbacks and come back more resilient. As time takes its toll, the dust and grime of high traffic areas sets in and can be tough to manage through regular janitorial service. As a provider of deep-cleaning restoration services, we go where other companies can’t in revitalizing carpets, ceilings, walls and furnishings. As a full-service restoration company, we can help you make a dazzling impression on your customers!

Tips to Minimize Water Damage

If you’ve experienced a septic backup, leak, pipe burst or flood, you should call a professional immediately. Water Damage becomes permanent after 48 hours, meaning you’ll have to throw away furniture, rip up and replace carpets, and even replace drywall. Your insurance company  will cover your choice of company, which is why it’s worth calling a reputable company you can trust, immediately. While you’re waiting for the Valencia Emergency Flood Team to arrive, there are several things you can do to save your belongings:

  1. Stop Flowing Water if Possible
  2. Remove Valuables from floor and place wet items in a dry, safe place
  3. Remove Standing Water through Blotting and Sponging
  4. Do Not Attempt to Vacuum Up Water
  5. Open Doors and Windows for Ventilation. If summer, turn on air conditioning to accelerate drying process.
  6. Remove carpets and rugs from Hardwood Flooring
  7. Do not enter rooms where ceilings are sagging
  8. Move electronics to a safe area
  9. Open drawers and cabinets for interior drying, but do not force open doors if swollen shut.
  10. Freeze valuable papers and documents to prevent mold growth until professional drying can be completed
  11. Place aluminum foil or wood blocks under furniture legs to prevent carpet staining
  12. Avoid using electronics in areas of water damage, serious injury may result
  13. Don’t Use Heat to Dry Closed Interiors as this accelerates Mold Growth
  14. Prop Up Pillows and Upholstered Items to Dry

Call us immediately if you’re dealing with water damage or for a free consultation on your commercial Valencia Project, today. (661) 220-7091