Mildew & Mold Removal

Valencia Emergency Flood Team

Water Damage’s best friend is Mold. If you’ve recently experienced a loss due to unwanted moisture, mold isn’t far behind. It’s important to act quickly after a run in with a leak or flood to control the pathogens that are already growing whether you can see them or not. Mold is not only an unpleasant source of odor and allergies, it can pose serious health consequences if left untreated. Only a professionally certified company can root out the source of mold growth, treat it and put in place preventative measures to control its further growth. At the Valencia Emergency Flood Team, we will use the industry’s latest and least invasive measures to safely, hygienically treat mold and give you the clean air and environment you deserve!

Mold can come from a variety of water sources including water main breaks, floods, high humidity, leaky pipes or appliance overflow even in a dry environment like SOuthern California. Mold can create structural issues since it eats into wood and concrete and can also negatively impact the air quality in your Valencia home or business.

How Do I Know if I Have Mold?

We get this question all the time and there are several observable signs that indicate you may have mold:

  1. Recent Water Damage – Mold only grows in environments of excess standing moisture
  2. Visible Signs of Mold Growth – Often black, brown or dark grey usually growing in clusters.
  3. Allergic Symptoms: Hay Fever-Like, Itchy Eyes, Throat, Runny Nose, Skin Rashes, Asthma
  4. Musty Odor – Recognizable unpleasant wet smell

What Can Valencia Emergency Flood Team Do to Help?

Our company is committed to creating a healthy, safe environment for you and your fmaily or customers. We’ll take every opportunity to make sure that job is well done.

  • Thorough Mold Inspection
  • Damage Containment to prevent spread of Spores
  • Demolition of Infected Structures
  • Thorough Remediation of Infected Areas
  • Damage Restoration
  • Moldicide Application and Vinyl Sealing
  • Preventative Measures and Moisture Containment
  • HEPA air scrubbing for improved hygiene
  • Sterilization of all exposed surfaces

Call us today to learn more about the services we provide, a FREE consultation to determine whether you have molds or for Emergency Service, 24 Hours a Day. (661) 220-7091

Post-Mold Removal Evaluation

Valencia Emergency Flood Team is committed to providing thorough service to ensure your safety and satisfaction. We’ll return to provide independent laboratory testing confirmation of mold spore removal and that all steps have been taken to improve air quality and prevent future mold growth.